Supawit Chockchowwat

Ph.D. Student, CreateLab, DAIS, Dept of CS, UIUC


Thomas M. Siebel Center, 2119

201 N. Goodwin Ave.

Urbana, IL 61801

I am a Ph.D. student in the Data and Information Systems Laboratory (DAIS) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). My research interests revolve around data systems at the intersection of database management systems, data mining, probabilistic algorithms, machine learning, and distributed systems.

As a summer intern, I have tinkered with someone else’s data systems: Google Spanner’s schema tuning, Google AlloyDB’s database tuning, Google Data Pipeline’s distributed shuffle, Robinhood Spending’s transaction, Facebook Location-Aware Distribution’s large-scale data distribution, and Uber’s analytics infrastructure.

During my time at the University of Texas at Austin, I was fortunate to get exposure to research, and more importantly, connect with influential people. I joined many eye-opening research groups: Center for Computational Visualization (CVC), Personal Autonomous Robotics Lab (PeARL), and Neural Networks Research Group (NNRG), working with Prof. Chandrajit L. Bajaj, Prof. Scott Niekum, Caleb C. Chuck, and Prof. Cem C. Tutum. Thanks to ACM ICPC and UT Programming Contest (UTPC), I had fond memories with extraordinarily talented teammates: Ethan Arnold, Ryan Rice, Celic Savk, Alex Meed, and Brian Richer.

Ongoing Projects

  • Transactional Python
  • Adaptive database physical design: indexes and layouts
  • Disaggregation and serverless databases
  • Deep online aggregation



Running (IL 2024, IL ½ 2023, SF 2022, IL Homecoming 5K 2023/2022/2021, Mahomet ½ 2021), hiking, swimming, biking, and discovering games.